The mountain wild life seen by Bernard Shouwey

Bernard Schouwey, nature photographer for twenty years, invites us to a little meander through all that nature at altitude has to offer in his current exhibition at the Espace Culturel in Vouvry. Looking at around 60 large size pictures leads us to dive into landscape, wild animals, flowers of Swiss, Italian, French Alps as well as Carpathian mountains.


In addition to a refined technique, his patience and tenacity are engraved in his work. Bernard knows how to capture the right moment with his camera. Although for this he has to get up quite often early morning, hike long distances and wait during hours to be able to cross that magical moment that he will immortalize through the lens of his camera.

We could think that the majestic wild animals pose for him, surrounded by the immensity of the mountains and sometimes, immersed in a poetic morning mist that comes to enhance the image to a super-realistic state.

Bernard Schouwey’s exhibition is in some way a sensory experience. Lights and shadows provide to his images a surprising transparency and three-dimensional realism. We are just observers, but we could almost touch the velvety skin of those furry animals, as well as we can feel the cold when entering the space reserved for the pictures he has taken in the snow.


During this exhibition, the Espace Culturel is transformed into a place of exchange and discussion around a theme that concerns us all: the Nature.

You can meet the photographer on Saturday and Sunday.

The exhibition is open from Thursday to Sunday from 15h.00 to 18h.00, from 21.09.2018 to 14.10.2018 – At the Espace Culturel, Grand – Rue 20, 1896 Vouvry.

Free admission.

Pictures, books, slideshows, greeting cards, T-shirts, calendars, postcards, clocks are on sale at the exhibition.

You can discover Bernard Schouwey’s work here





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