Artist of our region: Sebastien Pridmore’s Splash art studio visit

The first impression when entering Sebastien Pridmore’s Splash art studio in Montreux is an enveloping and tempting coffee aroma that fills all the space. The place is clean and tidy. A cosy light blue walls, wooden floor and school vintage chairs reception hall of the Factory welcomes the visitors. There is a lot of natural light and his paintings hanging on the walls awake our interest in seeing more. Then there is a second space connected by a corridor to his studio. Once there, the table where he works is dressed in the centre, full of jars containing all kind of natural pigments which he invited us to discover, beetroots, coffee, tea, and much more. The smell of the coffee here is much more intense. A coffee machine is situated in a corner of the room to calm the craving!


Sebastien explains his work with passion and the bright eyes all dreamers have. He told us where did he get the inspiration from; how he cooks and uses these natural pigments; and why each painting is unique and special. His art looks like a foodie watercolour map. We want to observe it closely. We desire to smell it deeply. He will probably start using chocolate to delight us soon! Sébastien Pridmore has a recognizable identity, an artistic universe where features and expressions give life to his characters. There is intensity in each of his works.


He was born in Basel (Switzerland) in 1987, and has lived in Lausanne since childhood. His training as an illustrator at the Visual Arts School Ceruleum in Lausanne, then his experiences as a decorator and creator of children’s books always take him to the world of creation. Nowadays, Sebastien lives nearby the Taulan fabric, in Montreux, where his new art studio is located. Sometimes, he told us, he wakes up in the middle of the night and he can easily reach his studio to transform his insomnia in creative flow.


It was Sebastien’s clumsiness that made him want to use food for his paintings. A glass of spilled wine that literally toppled the artistic side of this man. Sebastien paints freehand but he also paints with “stains”, that’s where Splash comes from; this is the anecdote behind his artistic signature.

Sebastien is particularly fond of these warm, sepia-toned tones of old vintage photographs. Satisfied with this first organic and natural approach, he sought to have a more diverse palette of colours while remaining in this spirit BIO ART that passionate him so much. After a lot of tests and hours of “cooking”, he chooses tea, saffron, wine, and beetroot to join the coffee in his paintings 100% natural.


Since his graduation (Bachelor in Art in 2008), Sebastien Pridmore has exhibited many times in Switzerland and Belgium.

Creating new techniques has always inspired him. During the beginning of his career, his style was characterized by splashes of Acrylic paint, reproducing images of celebrities, in an eclectic exposure of contemporary realism.IMG_6697.JPG

Presently, Sebastien is working on his latest medium and technique, which is 100% all natural, paintings made with coffee, tea, spices, and vegetables juices! Bio art is on its way.

He cooks his ingredients to obtain the desired color and then he paints.

Sebastien carries out commissioned work and also offers options to apply his art in brand packaging.


Exhibitions & Events:

Exhibition at Nestlé – Switzerland

Exhibition at CHUV – Switzerland

Exhibition at Publiaz – Lausanne

Exhibition at Domicim – Lausanne

Samhart Art Gallery – Montreux

Moser Art Gallery – Montreux

Live painting at Beau-Rivage Palace – Lausanne

Live painting at the EHL for a charity event – Lausanne

Live painting at Starbucks – Vevey

MAG 2017, Montreux Art Gallery – Switzerland

Donutime – Lausanne

Starbucks – Lausanne

Hop exhibition – Lausanne

Exhibition at Moon’s Coffee Shop Lausanne – Lausanne

Next Taulan Art Fabric Open Day: Sunday 7th July 2018


– Splash-

Sebastien Pridmore

Artiste Peintre


Facebook : Splash Studio

Instagram : splash_studio

Twitter: @Splash_Studio

Studio d’Art (book your visit): Ruelle de la Baye 7 – 1820 Montreux


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