Nest – A playful museum

I’ve already visited a couple of times the Nest museum in Vevey with my family and we did all really enjoy it! I was expecting something old-school and too “institutional” but what I found was a modern museum that traces part of the history not only of Nestlé, but the city of Vevey, where innovation, machinery, technology and arts, are cleverly applied to the industry.


The main hall is impressive. A big open space, where a tree seems to grow from the waxed cement floor, a no-walls boutique, vintage style coffee trolleys, big screens, and the most surprising element is the enigmatic Visions structure, overflying the transparent ceilings and symbolizing the permanent movement of innovation.

The museum is divided in three main areas, Fondations, Zeigeist and Visions, completed by the Forum and the Mini Factory, a boutique, the Café Henri bar-restaurant, and five spaces you can rent for private venues.

In the ground floor, the Fondations exhibition is an authentic immersion in the XIXth Century in Vevey to retrace Henri Nestlé’s beginnings in five thematic rooms filled with entertaining scenography and a final surprise (get your camera ready for it)!


The Zeigeist, in the first floor, is a ludic area where you can touch, open, and question the archives, real treasures of the Nestlé’s history, open boxes everywhere, hand scroll ancient pictures from the war times or Nestlé’s super cute babies from all times. It is also interesting to discover the prototypes of different machines, like the first coffee maker invented machine that looks exactly like diving equipment!


In the same level there is the Forum, a tactile table which you can explore nowadays world food challenges by exploring interactive games that will engage or surprise adults and children alike.

In the upper floor you will find Visions, the most modern part (my kids’s favourite!) that offers you to browse and play with topics about research and nutrition through interactive games. Thanks to enhanced reality special goggles you can flight over the Leman Lake! There’s also a machine giving you free delicious Kit-kat chocolate bars to taste.



For children, a Mini Factory, specially designed will invite them to play, pile and scan gigantic boxes, some of which makes funny noises. They can wear a “protection” helmet and will surely have fun imitating adults!


The Café Henri, built at the heart of Henri Nestlé’s former “bread factory”, it has and authentic, cosy and simple atmosphere. Big wooden tables, green plants hanging from the ceiling, available games and books for families to play with, and simple but healthy food, mostly presented in glass jars, giving it a “home made jam from our childhood” style. They organises Sunday’s brunches every Sunday as of 10 am, including among other delicacies fresh bread and Viennese pastries from a local bakery, buffet of salads, cheeses and cold meats, mini-burgers and vegetables, and for dessert a vast selection of various cakes and tarts. Among the drinks you’ll find all the classics such as coffee, tea, chocolate milk, orange juice, water with various homemade flavours and of course Nesquik. Adults prices start from 39 CHF. Children prices start from 19 CHF To book: +41 21 924 40 40.


The Boutique carries a selection of attractive and original products. Whether it’s a snack you used to enjoy as a child, an object to bring colour to your home or an idea for that next gift, there is something for everyone here. What I loved to find there were chocolates and candies from UK. It was my yummy-moment!


Finishing the visit we all learnt many interest facts and had pleasure playing with all the museum installations. The pause at the café was also appreciated enjoying healthy food and playing games in family in such a peaceful environment.

Upcoming events

Easter blue egg hunt for budding explorers

In celebration of Easter, from 21 March to 15 April, nest will be inviting all visitors to participate in a thrilling Easter blue egg hunt! With a trusty museum map in hand, young adventurers will set out in search of eggs hidden in every nook and cranny of nest to win delicious prizes. To top it all off, there will be a special contest, which will award the lucky winner with a magnificent birthday party or memorable family brunch at nest!

Also, on Sunday 25 March, and the Easter weekend, from 31 March to 2 April, young and old gourmets alike will be able to share a delicious special Easter brunch with family or friends at Café Henri. It’s the perfect opportunity to give oneself a treat and take advantage of the special offer of brunch and museum entry combined. There will also be plenty of balloons, creative art workshops and surprise appearances by Quiky the rabbit during these three extraordinary days!

Museum night

On the 26 May, discover the nest museum and a surprising activity at Café Henri. Museum admission is free!

The anniversary of Henri Nestlé’s birth

On Wednesday August 10 nest celebrates the anniversary of Henri Nestlé’s birth. With fun activities, various workshops such as origami and wall painting, as well as a Just Dance Battle, there is something in it for everyone! The local dancer and choreographer Goku will be at nest for Just Dance workshops and a breathtaking Battle.


Practical information

Prices: Adults 18.-CHF children from 7.50.-CHF.

Open from 10am to 6pm from April to October and from 10am to 5pm from November to March.

Time of the visit: from 20min for an express visit to 1h30 for an interactive.

Audio guide in EN, FR, DE (included in the visit price.)

Accessible to persons with reduced mobility.

Free wifi, smartphone charging terminals.

Breast-feeding dedicated room.

Chaussée de la Guinguette 10

CH-1800 Vevey

+41 21 924 40 40




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